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Visual Thinking

Visuals are the universal language of understanding. Visual thinking increases alignment, clarity, engagement, creativity, and speeds ideas into action. Tim will walk you through the basic fundamentals of visual thinking, and the methodologies and tools that make the complex clear with simple approaches that can be incorporated into any organization.

• Bring to life words, thoughts, and ideas with pictures.
• Visually organize information so that it tells a clear story.
• Present information in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding of it.


Tim May
Associate Creative Director

Tim May is a highly skilled designer, art director, and creative director with 20+ years of experience in communication design. Tim tells stories with pictures, combining the magic of the marker with the power of the strategic mind to help visualize clients’ challenges and create meaningful and impactful communications. In giving form to the intangible, Tim makes the invisible visible.

Tim currently works at XPLANE, a unique management consultancy that helps large organizations clarify their strategies and align their workforce, customers, and partners for maximum impact.


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Wednesday, October 4
9:00am - 10:00am


Eliot Chapel