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Tips for Creating an Exceptional Digital Team

Digital teams need to be nimble, innovative, and yet grounded. Quality work isn’t just about how fast you deliver it. It’s about having a strong foundation and vision that guide you to produce the best work possible and use the internet only for good.

This session will be an interactive review of some powerful things you can do to build, shape, or structure your digital team for success. The tips will range from hiring practices to integrating team building as a regular practice and everything in between.

We will run through each tip individually, and at each juncture have the opportunity for you to share your experiences or ask questions. We’ll also collectively brainstorm a list of key competencies for a killer digital team.


Emily Logan

Emily Logan has spent over a decade working on digital strategy, recruitment, and marketing with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. After assembling a kickass digital team for Care2, she is now an independent consultant focused on team dynamics, coaching, strategy, and organizational effectiveness with nonprofits, corporations, and individuals. All of her work is centered around a philosophy of constant communication, mutual respect, equity and creativity.

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Wednesday, October 4
11:30am - 12:30pm