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Not a Designer? Don’t Have a Designer? No Problem.

Everyone knows visual content is hot right now. Videos, images, live video—it’s everywhere. Engaging visual content on social media can not only attract attention but can entice people to take action and inspire advocacy, and turn them into supporters.

Nonprofits believe they face some challenges when it comes to their visual content creation: time, skills and budget. I will dispel 3 myths that hold nonprofits back from creating and sharing visual content on social media and show the many tools and services available online to create great visual content. The presentation will also walk through some of the top tools to demonstrate how easy it is to create graphics for social media. Downloadable action steps for using some of the tools will be provided.


Deepthi Rao
Startup After 40

Deepthi Rao, is the founder of Startup After 40 and is passionate about helping nonprofits create meaningful connections through the effective use of visual assets and helps with their visual strategy. She has created videos, infographics, and visual stories for nonprofits for a few years now. She works with nonprofits and entrepreneurs to help them use the power of visual content to communicate with people on a human level and get results. Deepthi started her career as an advertising photographer many years ago and currently works (when not working at Startup After 40) as a Senior Technical Manager for a multinational company in the field of image processing.

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