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Kick Your Social Media into High Gear

Without a social media strategy, it can seem like you are peddling hard just to stand still.

In this session, we’ll show you the skills you need to take your social media to an advanced level, finding the conversation intersection, implementing SMART goals, and learning from your community. NTEN’s social media workbooks are your greenway to social success, and you can download all three after this session. Join us, and take it up a gear!


Lyndal Cairns
Membership & Engagement Director

Lyndal Cairns has been speaking up against injustice her whole life. As a child aged 7, petulant and self-righteous, she once scolded her father for being environmentally wasteful. Though her tactics may have tempered somewhat, there is a shade of that angry little girl in her now as she channels it into her work supporting nonprofit technology workers to efficiently and strategically battle the world’s ills.

After ten years as a journalist and editor, Lyndal decided in 2010 to dedicate her working life to nonprofit and social good organizations and has worked in communications, marketing and community management for LGBT, environmental, social justice, and education organizations. She brings a strategic mindset and data-driven practice to the role of Membership & Engagement Director at NTEN.

Lyndal was thrilled and honored to receive the 2015 NTEN Award.

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Wednesday, October 4
2:15pm - 3:15pm