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Bring Your Data to Life

Translate numbers, words, and ideas into compelling stories and visual narratives.

We live a data-driven world. Data is at the heart of how we measure our success, outcomes, and impact. We rely on data as the primary factor in our decision-making; however, without providing a clear understanding of who and what that data represents, we miss the opportunity to connect with our audience in a meaningful and human way.

This session will be a highly collaborative and interactive experience where we explore ways to use visual thinking to create compelling stories and visual narratives that connect the data to the outcomes and impacts being measured. Instead of more charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and presentations, learn how to use different visual tools and techniques to answer specific audience questions, solve problems, and translate complex information into human stories that matter.


Jacob O’Brien

Visual and Information Design Consultant

Jacob has over a decade of experience working with both non-profits and Fortune 100s, helping organizations develop compelling narratives that drive understanding, alignment, and change. His experience includes developing data-driven interactive tools and digital experiences, as well as narrative-based communication tools ranging from board and card games to visual maps, animations, presentation decks, and frameworks. Jacob is passionate about finding and visualizing the connection between data and its source and believes data is only as powerful as the user’s ability to empathize and relate to what it represents.

Annie Pomeranz 

Strategic Design Program Manager

Annie’s passion for visual storytelling began at a young age illustrating comic strips on birthday cards and took off the first time she picked up a 35mm camera in middle school. This eventually led her into the field of visual communication and design, initially as a Producer delivering multi-million dollar feature films, commercials, and other media comprising traditional, digital, and CG animation; and visual effects. Annie realized that stories have the power to drive solutions, which led her into Program Management with a strategic design consultancy overseeing highly complex initiatives in collaboration with cross-functional teams for non-profits and businesses globally, including ICANN, Nike, UPS, Zero to Three, and Design for America.

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Tuesday, October 3
3:15pm - 4:15pm


B101, B102