Tactical Sessions

Be the Change You Want to See in Your Org

The new tech solution may take six months to a year to launch, but that’s the easy part! How will you handle the larger challenge: change management? Sure, it used to take a week to pull together fundraising stats for the board report through a series of excel spreadsheet sifting, pivot tables, and a few headstands, but that’s the process your development director knew. Why should she change her tech habits? How will you get buy-in from people throughout your org?

This session will give you tips you can use right away to prepare your coworkers before launch and make your next tech transition as smooth as possible.


Melissa Barber

Melissa Barber
Community Engagement Manager & Consultant
North Peak Solutions

Melissa’s career has been all about communicating with and serving constituents and clients strategically to suit their needs. A stint in the Peace Corps working with school children and a small health clinic in rural West Africa brought her into the nonprofit world. Before joining North Peak Solutions, Melissa worked in nonprofits, expertly guiding their fundraising and communications for over seven years. Her most recent work was with the Director of Digital Communications for the Death with Dignity National Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on improving end-of-life options throughout the US. During her time there, she strategized and enhanced the organization’s digital communications to support two statewide campaigns to pass new laws, and managed a media explosion which will likely be seen as the tipping point for the relatively young social movement. In addition to her marketing and communications duties, she was the onsite project manager for the nonprofit's conversion to Salesforce and became the system admin.

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Tuesday, October 3
1:30pm - 2:00pm